The Priest's Boot

The very best of Judas Priest bootlegs.

The Priest's Boot b. 2011 - d. 2021

Due to other major things going on in my life I no longer have the time to maintain this site. In addition, there's uncertainty on how long the site will stay online at all, given that was supposed to go offline starting from June 30th, 2021 but as of writing (February 28th, 2022) it is still fully accessible.

I could try finding another host, but just that would take more time and effort than what I can afford right now. Not to mention having to redo the site on another platform.

So yeah, the site's closed for good now. I've deleted all of the other pages as many of the download links are likely to die eventually anyway. Everything is backed up in case I have the possibility for a grand return some time in the future, but that definitely won't be in a while.

It was a good run of 10 years though, and I think I left a good impression on the Judas Priest bootleg scene. I've browsed other blogs and find it amusing how my often amateurish CD cover art has been accepted as the "official" art for some boots. Heck, I've even found some of it on Discogs!

But, until we meet again, RHRF!


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