The Priest's Boot

The very best of Judas Priest bootlegs.


This site contains a database and free download links for Judas Priest bootlegs that have great quality and/or contain rare tracks, saving you the trouble of finding them from the many ones available. I'm aiming at having the bootleg files stored in webspaces which do not impose limitations on downloading, so there's no waiting involved. I've also added proper ID3 tag information for all the files found here, unlike other sites where the downloads may only contain the track names, at best. This is by no means a comprehensive database of bootlegs, but instead the "cream of the crop", saving you the time to find the best ones.

While I've added many bootlegs in FLAC format, there are still quite a few that are only available as MP3. I've always used the highest-quality MP3s in question, although in some cases even the original lossless source has had so little over an MP3 file that I've deliberately decided not to use FLAC in some cases. Some of the shows are split in many smaller files because of file size limitations.

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