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While the legal status of bootleg recordings is shaky, at best, it's a common consensus that non-profit trading and sharing of bootlegs is not a serious crime or a crime at all. This is not pirating, because the bootleg material isn't officially found anywhere. There's large number of websites over the internet that give these out for free as downloads, and as far as I know not many have had to remove material from their site because of legal issues; in the rare cases where material has been removed, it has been settled without court cases. In general, bootlegs are usually listened to by die-hard fans who already have most of or all the officially released stuff, so there's no actual monetary loss for the bands or their record companies. This is because there's never any money involved. Most musicians and record companies allow non-profit bootlegging because of that.

If the bootlegs are sold for profit (i.e. getting the bootleg would require a fee to be paid, be it a download or a physical copy), then things get ugly. By doing so the bootleg vendor is effectively selling copyrighted material (the songs are still copyrighted even if the actual recording isn't), most often not giving the band their rightful share of the take. This is highly illegal and against the original intention of bootlegging, and the sellers of the recording can easily be sued over copyright infringement.

My personal opinion is that free distribution of bootlegs is OK, especially in the case of Judas Priest: there's surprisingly little official live material to be found, so bootlegs are a great way to enhance the music library of a true hardcore fan. Because none of the full concerts found here are available officially, I don't see the band losing any money either. A few of the tracks found here have been officially released at some point, either as part of a single, as bonus tracks or as part of a compilation. However, in the case of the tracks released on vinyl singles, they've either never been released on CD and have been out of print for a long time or are only available on hard-to-find compilations, and in the case of other officially released tracks (such as a few tracks from St. Louis '86), they are only available for download for the sake of continuity in the concerts where they originate from, not to rip off the band.

These are also a good way for a new fan to get to know the band better, if they don't want to buy much stuff immediately but find YouTube or Spotify insufficient. Both contain official stuff and while being fully legal, bring in very little profit to the band, so if the listeners aren't convinced enough by those ones, they probably won't buy the records either, and the band and recording company don't get much out of them. But if they can hear one or two concerts as MP3 files for free, I am sure that most of them find the band much more interesting and start buying their records. Which means more revenue for the band and record company.

I also strongly condemn the selling of bootlegs and think that the artists have full rights to demand stopping the sale of such albums and get monetary compensation for the already-gained profits.

Should Judas Priest or their management find any material on this site offending, I would remove it immediately if they contacted me regarding the matter. I respect their rights as the original artists and composers to decide where their music should be found, unofficial recording or not.

Monetary information

This site is hosted on a free service which shouldn't gain any profit of the web traffic here. The files are hosted on services which shouldn't gain anything from the downloading of files, and if they do, I can't do anything about it. I'm not gaining anything from this, nor am I asking for any donations. I'm doing this simply because of my love for the band, to make it more familiar to as many people as possible, and to help the band's die-hard fans to find some material to satiate their hunger for quality metal music when the official material is not enough.


I'm not collecting any personal information about the visitors of this site. I have not enabled the service that would allow me to follow the site's stats, because it would collect information about the visitors and install tracking cookies. You can stay completely anonymous here, the only things you need are a nickname and a valid e-mail address if you wish to contact me.

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